How to Find Lost or Stolen Phone Through CEIR Portal?

The government has launched a web portal, 'Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR)', to Find Lost or Stolen Phone As well as fast and block Mobile IMEI Number. your phone is stolen or lost? Here’s how to get it blocked, so no one else can use and also some cases your phone gets back with CEIR Portal Service.

How to Find Lost or Stolen Phone? CEIR

When Your Phone Loss Thean First Visit Nearest Police Station And Make FRI After That You Need To Follow Instructions Given Below To Find Lost or Stolen Phone Through CEIR Portal.

  1. Visit CEIR Portal
  2. Open Block Stolen/Loss Mobile Option on CEIR Portal Home Page
  3.  You See Long Form Fill It Completely Without Any Error And Sumit It.
  4. Now Your Phone EMI Was Blocked When Your Request Verify And Approved. So Any One Can Not Use Your Phone.
  5. If Some Case Your Phone Found Than You Will get That Information On this portal.

So this is an easy and fast way to Find Lost or Stolen Phone Through CEIR Portal 2020. Its Government good Actions for Indian public but till this service not active in all India but it is coming soon in all India.

Central Equipment Identity Register Portal

With the aim of stop, mobile phone theft in this digital world government of India launched portal its called CEIR. Central Equipment Identity Registry (CEIR) that connects to the IMEI database of all the mobile Operators. So You can block it when your phone lost anywhere. this process is long because you have to prove actually your phone was a loss with an FRI copy of mobile phone loss.

Step By Step Video 

So This Is Completed Info How to Find Lost or Stolen Phone Through CEIR Portal? So Must Share With All friends because it's helpful and useful for all.


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