Users Private Data Leaker App Must Remove From Your Device

Nowadays we listen to a lot of news about online scams so this article is very important for you. Here we Share How some Android apps will collect users' private data and sell it to scam fraud companies or Users. You don't know which application collecting your personal data so it's very important to know these types of apps and must remove them from your device.

Private Data Leaker Application 2024

As per the latest updates some applications doing this froud with app Users. Already 10 lakhs + Android users date leaked so you must know about this type of app and remove it. This application collects users' names, mobile numbers, chats, location, etc details and sells them to other fraud companies.

Then you receive various types of calls and they try to ask about OTP, Bank Details. If you provide some details then your bank account is empty. We think it's no big deal but these apps are very hard full for you.

Google removed lots of applications from the play store but again this type of app running. It's a Google algorithm bug or anything else anyone doesn't know. So there is only one solution stay away from this type of application and read all privacy policies before Giving access to your phone. PIB Fact Check reports there is no announcement made by the Government of India.

Uninstall these 4 App From Your Smartphone: Smart SMS Messages, Blood Pressure Monitor, Voice Languages Translator, And Quick Text SMS. If Some app asks you permission that's no need for work ex. Calculator App asks for location access. In this case, you don't grant permission because the calculator not required any special permission.

  1. Chit Chat
  2. Hello Chat
  3. YahooTalk
  4. TiTalk
  5. Nidus
  6. Quick Chat
  7. WaveChat
  8. MeetMe
  9. Lets’s Chat
  10. Glowchat
  11. Privee Talk
  12. Rafaqat

So this way you can easily know about the data Leaker Application. So be aware and never you any Free Astro, Logo Making, and Taxi service types applications. this information with all Android users so everyone can use the Android application safely.


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