Sri Mandir - Daily Puja App

Sri Mandir Daily Puja App: India's App with 1 Crore+ download Festivals, Faith, Devotion, Worship, Bhajan Aarti, Chalisa, Daily Bhajan app, Aarti app, Rashifal, set up your own Mandirs. Sri Mandir Daily bhajans Listen to bhajans for your favorite god, daily with the Sri Mandir App according to the day of the week and trending Hindi bhajans.

Sri Mandir - Daily Puja App 2023

This App will give new dimensions to your daily homage routine. Now, no need of keeping multiple puja books and getting into the hassle of finding the right puja at the right time. The app will immediately pull out the relevant bhajan or puja as per the occasion with just a simple click of the button.

Sri Mandir - Daily Puja App

Sri Mandir Calendar Daily Puja App

2023 Hindu Calendar with Daily timings of Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset, tithi, nakshatra, Yog, Karan, auspicious, inauspicious timings, muhurats of graha pravesh, graharambh, Vahan, Mundan, vivah, Nam Karan, property purchase, Anprasan Muhurat, etc.

2023 Hindu ad-free bhajan app, also allows you to view the monthly calendar, daily panchang, Subh Muhurat, Vrat days, Hindu Panchang 2023, and all holiday information for all days in the year 2023 Calendar in Hindi. Hindu Calendar 2023 contains Hindu Panchang 2023, Graha Hora, Choghadiya, Rahu Kala, Gulika Kala, and Yamaganda time for Calendar 2023.

Listen to various bhajans of:

  • Shiv Bhajan PdF
  • Hanuman Bhajan PdF
  • Ram Bhajan
  • Krishna Bhajan
  • Mata Rani Bhajan
This is a Complete Pooja Book containing worship methods and stories aarti chalisa and the mantra of all Hindu Gods and Goddesses. This Book also contains prayers for all Sanatan festivals and holy occasions. This app also contains all chapters of shrimad bhagwat geeta and all Kaands of Shri ram charit manas

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2023 Hindu calendar for All months from January to December. List of all festivals and bhagwan ki aarti 2023 & Fasting days & holidays with Hindu festivals 2023 Shubh Muhuarat dates with all details of vehicle marriage 2023 vivah muhurat.

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