Pre wedding photo shoot location in Gujarat

These are the Top 5 locations in Gujarat for pre wedding shooting ― There are 5 heavenly places to have a pre wedding photo shoot in Gujarat. Know what these places are ― Pre wedding photo shoot location in Gujarat.

Pre wedding photo shoot location

  • Here are some of the best places for pre-wedding shoots in Gujarat
  • The white desert of Kutch is also loved by foreigners
  • 5 locations including Beach and Dungra are considered best for pre wedding shoot

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1. Nargol Beach

Nargol Beach near Umargam, 150 km from Surat and near Valsad. On one side is the abundant water of the sea and on the other is a forest of trees. This is no less than a film location. This small forest is what sets this beach apart from other beaches and the traffic here is less. The sunset view of this beach is very beautiful.

Cost (for 8 to 10 members)

Total Cost: Around 80 thousand to 1.10 lakh

People know it as the pinnacle of Mahabharata. Going here in monsoon is a bit dangerous.

2. Kadiya Dhro

It is 40 km away from Nakhtrana in Kutch. This place resembles the Grand Canyon National Park of America. So now the dream of pre-wedding shoot in foreign will be fulfilled. The beauty of this place makes it different from other places. The mountain here has seven peaks, so it is known as the peak of Mahabharata. Going here in monsoon is a bit dangerous.


Total Cost : Around 80 thousand to 1.10 lakh

3. Hills of Jadoora

This place is the best place to have a pre wedding shoot under the open sky. This place is just 7 km from Bhuj. After the monsoons, the place blossoms with sola art. This is the best place for those who love natural environment, natural beauty and quiet hills.


Total Cost: Around 75 thousand to 1.05 lakh

4. Polo Forest

This forest is spread over 400 square kilometers. The Polo Forest is located between KhedBrahma in Sabarkantha district and Girimala in Aravalli in Vijayanagar taluka on the banks of Harnao river.


Total Cost : Around 67 thousand to 1 lakh

5. White desert of Kutch

This place means the union of land and sky. This desert is 80 km away from Bhuj. After coming here, it feels as if you have come to the moon. Many foreigners also come here every year. Here you can have a photoshoot with camels, camel carts and any other theme.


Total Cost: Around 78 thousand to 1.09 lakh

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