Health Tips Of The Day: Sarso Oil Miracle

Health Tips Of The Day: Use nature’s elixir to lose weight, prevent heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, and beautify skin and hair. Can saturated fat be good for you?

Health Tips Of The Day: Sarso Oil Miracle

Natural coconut oil-not the hydrogenated version often found in processed foods-is a saturated fat, but not the kind your doctor has warned you about. Studies have shown that this uniquely curative oil actually has innumerable health benefits ranging from disease prevention to anti-aging.

Now, in his revised edition of the first book to describe the therapeutic properties of coconut oil, Bruce Fife offers a nutrition plan with dozens of tasty recipes that will allow anyone to experience the healing miracles of what he deems the “perfect food.”

By using only one tip in this book, my husband was able to get rid of an athlete's foot problem he had suffered with for months. He had tried EVERY over-the-counter preparation. Finally, I went to the doctor. He was given a prescription for a 30-day supply of pills.

The cost was over $200! Counseling with the pharmacist and discovering that PERMANENT health damage could result made us decide to NOT use the pills.

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