Morning Elixir Recipe! Prevent Diseases and Maintain Your Health!

Turmeric is a very simple but very powerful ingredient, able to treat different health problems. Among them colds or flu. It belongs to the ginger family and is filled with antioxidants which give him anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. In other words, it can combat the action of free radicals and kill the carcinogens in your body.

Prevent Diseases and Maintain Your Health

You can consume this ingredient either by eating Indian food or by drinking a cup of water in which you have added lemon juice and turmeric powder.

It is great for your general health because it not only reduces inflammations but also helps you control your sugar blood levels. Follow this recipe and you won’t regret it!


In a bowl put 1 cup of warm water or milk and add the lemon from 1 lemon, ¼ tsp of turmeric powder, 1 tsp of coconut oil, 1/8 tsp of honey, and a pinch of cinnamon. Mix all the ingredients well, then drink the remedy on an empty stomach. Make sure you drink the remedy while it is still warm, in order to provide your system all the nutrients it contains.

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