Protection of Eyes

Eyes are considered to be chief of all 5 sense organs. One can survive without any other organs. But a person’s life is dark without eyes. Scientists also invented many artificial human organs. But when it comes to eyes, they failed. Scientists also confirmed that eyes are the powerful cameras of the human body which has resolution of 324 megapixels, which is very high and nobody can expect or invent it. So one must take precautions to save and protect your eyes. Here are some of the reasons for eye problems.

Protection of Eyes

Reasons for Eye Problems

Spending most of the times in sun and washing your eyes or taking bath with cold water immediately. Looking at far objects continuously.

Sleeping in day times and being awake at night. Watching TV continuously without any time balance or playing on the mobile phone and gadgets. Exposed with high temperatures like fire, steam while cooking or working something else.

Affected with dust, smoke from fire or vehicles and other polluting sources. Forcibly stopping excrement. Crying unnecessarily now and then and making your eyes suffer dry. Having got hurt on forehead, directly on the eyes or head. Walking for long distances daily without any rest.

Severely thinking about sex, getting exited, continuous sex, feeling anguish about women and  Forcibly stopping cry and tears because of agony and suffering.

Looking at small objects or small letters continuously for hours. Because of above reasons it is confirmed that, your eyes may affected with nearly 78 types of eye problems.

Tips to Maintain Good Eyes and Eyesight

Massaging your eyes and feet with castor oil at least once in 15 days. Putting castor oil in ears as drops and taking bath. Try to walk on green grass on bare foot daily or at least twice a week.

Maintaining good diet by having unripened banana curry in your meal at least once in a week. And by eating banana daily. Taking cow milk, cow ghee, cow butter, cow curd, cow butter milk.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

Put small pieces of dry myrobalan fruit in drinking water storage tanks or units and drink that water daily to maintain good health and good eyesight.

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