Tonsils- 10 Effective Home Remedies in Ayurveda

Tonsils, i.e., bacterial infections in the affected area, inside the throat. This major problems often occur when the weather changes. This problem gets aggravated especially in cold weather. Some people take medicines to get rid of this problem, but by adopting some domestic methods, you can get rid of this problem. we will going to learn much more in our article “Tonsils- 10 Effective Home Remedies in Ayurveda” through Ayurveda.

The tonsils are part of the lymphatic system, which helps fight infection. Their size and swelling vary depending on the response to infection. The tonsils reach the largest size near their puberty and after this they slowly begin to decay.

Home Remedies for Tonsils

Effective Home Remedies

Ginger –

Grind lemon juice and fresh ginger in warm water and mix it properly. Now gargle with this water every half an hour. This will help in getting rest due to heating. Apart from this, drinking ginger tea will also help.

Black Pepper –

Make black pepper power and take some tulsi or basil leaves and boil this two ingredients in water for 5 min. Now drink it in milk before going to sleep.

Rock salt –

Rock salt proves to be very beneficial in throat problems. Add one teaspoon of Rock salt in warm water and gargle it twice in a day. By doing this method bacteria gets eliminated and you will get instant relief from throat pain and tonsils.

Turmeric Milk –

Most of the people knows this remedy well. As this method is excellent to overcome from tonsils. Add 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder in one full glass of warm milk.

Jaggery –

It is a traditional unrefined sugar which mostly consumed in Asia. Take a small piece of jaggery and chew it slowly. Do this process 3-4 times in a day.


By using honey mixed with lemon in warm or lukewarm water, throat pain is cured to a great extent as well as tonsils are also cured quickly.


Put some garlic buds in boiling water, boil well and sieve. When this water cools down, gargle. This will also cure throat pain, and the problem of stench will also be cured.

Water chestnut –If you are suffering from tonsils due to deficiency of iron in your body, use water chestnut. This problem will be overcome from tonsils also iron deficiency in the body will also get improved.


Clove is best remedy to cure all throat related problems. Take two pieces of cloves and chew it slowly after your meal. Do this twice in a day. Take a pinch of gulvel powder and mix it with honey. Take this syrup after dinner. It will help you from tonsils and throat-related problems.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો

The Most Effective Ayurvedic Remedy For TONSILS

Take Lendi pippali (Long pepper), Gulvel (Generic Giloy), dry ginger powder, jeshtamadh (Liquorice ). And mix all ingredients together in a mixture and make it fine powder. You can also buy this powder in a medical shop or market, as it is easily available. Now take half spoon powder and mix it in a one teaspoon of honey. Take this syrup twice in day after meals. Do this method for 10-15 days. This Ayurvedic power is excellent and get instant relief from tonsils.

Avoid these things during tonsils

You should stop eating sour, sweet, pungent and cold things if you have tonsils problem. This can increase your problem further. Also, do not use more oil and spices in food. Avoid fruits and foods that are cold, such as pineapple, apricot, banana, orange, peach, melon, papaya and apple. Always clean and chew 2-3 basil leaves after meals.

Important Tips:-

The patient should wash his hands thoroughly before eating food so that all germs can be cleaned.

If your child has a tonsil problem, it should be kept indoors so that someone else can be prevented from getting an infection. Stop smoking as it is bad for related problems. One who suffers from tonsils should not talk much, because the throat becomes sore due to excessive throat movement.

Drink lukewarm water instead of drinking cold water. The patient should be given fluids to consume as there is no lack of water in the body.

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