Banana Benefits

Bananas are one of the few elements or units which, although considered rich and valuable trees grow free of charge.

In fact, perhaps under the banana is not just the problem is, if anything, in the education of man: this is because many individuals, making a rare set of values, dream of finding a plant capable of providing money. But no thanks, however, that a tree is able to give health and, after all, is the physical infinitely more important than the good material. Which is it?

Banana and health

then, we, here, pays tribute to the good banana delivering a list of each of its beneficial properties for human health.

Menstrual pain

the banana is considered rich in vitamins B6, which regulates glucose levels in the blood. Thus, consumption may help control the pain associated with menstruation, including PMS.


its high iron content, bananas are an ideal food for people with anemia because it stimulates the production of hemoglobin in blood.


the effects of a hangover can be painful: to relieve this discomfort, it is helpful to eat a banana shake with milk.

Dizziness and nausea

eating a banana a day helps keep blood sugar levels balanced and, therefore, reduces the chances of developing nausea and dizziness.


According to experts, the banana is a natural antacid and thus, without being compared with citrus consumption may relieve stomach pain or heartburn.


several studies indicate that stress acts on the metabolic rate by reducing the level of potassium. Eating bananas can recover because each contains a good dose of potassium.

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