5 Best Home Remedies for Gout Pain

For those of you that suffer from gout you will be glad to know that I have found the 5 best home remedies for gout pain that will give you hope. As a gout sufferer myself I understand the pain you endure and know that you are ready for relief as quickly as possible. Some of these home remedies I will disclose will work better than others and I understand that we are all different and our bodies react in different ways. You may find relief using one of these remedies while someone else may find relief using another.

Baking Soda and Gout

5 Best Home Remedies

Baking soda is really famous for decreasing the uric acid in our bodies. This isn’t a new method, in fact it goes all the way back to the 19th century. Baking soda actually makes the uric acid in the body diluted and keeps the acid from forming the crystals that causes pain in the joints. There was a poll conducted on baking soda helping gout and you will be glad to know that only 15% said baking soda didn’t relieve their gout pain, but 85% stated that it worked for them.

Black Cherry Juice Helps 

You may have heard that black cherry juice will help gout, and this is very true. It was not clear when this first came out what type of cherry juice to use, but you must use black cherry juice. In the beginning, people were trying to use the red cherry juice from the small glass jars you buy in the grocery store aisle, but this isn’t the case. You want to get fresh black cherries from the produce section of the store. Some places sell natural black cherry juice but you can just get the black cherries and eat them, it will work the same. The cherries will help break down the uric acid in the body causing less frequent flare-ups; this is why black cherries are recommended.

Indocin for Gout

Although Indocin is a prescription drug it is still worthy to put in this list since it is great for gout. Indocin is also very cheap and does the job of taking the pain of gout away fairly quick. Indocin is good for gout and used for emergency flare-ups and is not intended to be used every day for gout prevention.

Colchicine for Gout

Colchicine is another worthy pill to put in our list for gout, and it can be used in 2 ways. There have been studies done stating that colchicine is good enough to be used and declared a medicine for gout treatment. I started in one of these studies where they give you the colchicine at times and then a placebo. I had already been using it for gout before I was invited to this study. Colchicine can be taken alone, which is one way to use it, but it has been best when taken in conjunction with Indocin. Both colchicine and Indocin together are great for those emergency flare-ups.

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Allopurinol for Gout

Allopurinol is great for gout but is not intended for those emergency uses, it is to be used for gout prevention. Personally, I take one 300mg pill each day and I hardly ever have a flare-up unless I run out of allopurinol and haven’t taken it for 2 to 3 weeks at a time. I started out taking 150mg each day but was still having flare-ups, so my doctor put me on 300mg a day and it helped my gout tremendously. Allopurinol is great for gout prevention, but the other 4 mentioned above is great for those emergency flare-ups and will help relieve the pain of those gouty attacks.

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