Now Using Instagram Reels You Can Earn money ?

Good news for Instagram users, now using Reels you can earn money. Instagram is planning to give bonuses on reels to promote the platform and motivate creators. It's recently Trending news because Reels Creators are excited about this. Here we share some information about the upcoming Instagram reel bonus program.

After the TikTik ban in India Instagram Reels became the most popular short video platform. Lots of tiktokers and new creators start making Reels on Instagram. Also, the youtube shorts platform is using by many creators.

Earn Money With Instagram Reels Bonus Program by Instagram

Instagram start the bonus program soon. According to media reports, creators will be paid to share new reels on the Instagram platform. Other reports say creators need special engagement on their content to get the reward. In short, now you can make money from Instagram reels video.

This is not the direct monetization of reels video so everyone can not make money. It's a special program where special creators get reward by Instagram. Maybe in the future, Instagram avail direct video monetization features for creators.

Recently Youtube announced 100M+ funds for youtube shorts creators. So now Instagram thinking in the same way to motivate creators.

We hope Instagram releases this bonus program as well as fast so we can get detailed information and creators started making money with Reels. Share This news with all Instagram users and specifically with Reels video creators.

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