Detoxification Herbs

Of the many ways to detox the body, using herbs that detox the body is very popular today as it has been for centuries. There are different herbs that will stimulate detoxification of different organs in the body and they can be quite effective and are a good way to give your detoxification program a boost.

Detoxification Herbs

Detoxification is important because your body is constantly absorbing toxins from your environment and most likely cannot filter them at the rate they are being absorbed. The result is that the toxins build up and lead to aging and disease so one way to regain your vitality is by using herbs that detox the body once or twice a year to clean out your main organs the liver, kidneys, and lungs.

You can use herbs to detox the body either in pill form, in teas, or in extracts. In many cases, you can find pre-formulated pills with these herbs in them that are made specifically for the purpose of detoxification cleansing. You’ll probably want to also follow a good detoxification diet and make sure that you detox all the organs at the same time because they work in conjunction with each other and if one of them is full of toxins it really won’t do as much good to be detoxifying the others.

Here’s a list of some of the herbs that detox the body and the organs that they work on:

Lungs – your lungs are huge filtering devices and it’s important to keep them healthy so you want to include them in any detox program. Some of the herbs that work to detox the lungs include marshmallow, slippery elm, Chinese ephedra, senega, mullein, and LH Comfrey.

Liver – when talking about ways to detox the body, the liver is often the first organ mentioned because its main job is to filter toxins and without good liver health, you will find that the rest of your body will soon fall into disrepair. There are several herbs that help detoxify the liver and these include dandelion, goldenrod, chamomile, horsetail, parsley, blessed thistle, red beet, black cohosh, gentian, and angelica.

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Kidneys – kidneys are also key filtering organs so you want to keep them in tip-top shape by doing a detox kidney cleanse periodically. The herbs to include in this cleanse include dandelion, parsley, marshmallow, juniper, ginger, cedar berries, goldenseal, and dong quai.

As you can see, many of these herbs that detox the body work on more than one organ so you can easily combine these herbs into an easy-to-follow detox program. So, when you are coming up with ways to detox the body don’t forget to include a good herbal cleanse in your program.

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