How The Foot Detox Pad Works

One of the latest crazes in health and body cleansing today is the foot detox pad; but can a patch really help to detox your body?

You’ll find differing opinions on this; some people say it's hogwash while others claim it works wonders. Manufacturers say it is formulated based on centuries-old Eastern medicine that uses the science of reflexology. In reflexology, all your organs are represented on the soles of the feet and since the feet are more porous than any other place on the body is a great place to apply a patch that will draw out toxins.

How The Foot Detox Pad Works

These detox foot patches are filled with all-natural materials. They include tourmaline – a mineral that we often see in jewelry but which produces negative ions that work on the meridian points on your feet helping draw out the toxins and aiding in circulation. They also contain cleansing herbs like peppermint and eucalyptus as well as tree saps and barks, which also help to extract the toxins.

The foot detox pad helps cleanse your body by drawing out toxins and toxic metals through your feet. It works with your own body’s natural defense system, which works to move toxins away from your vital organs drawing them down towards the feet. As your body is already working in that way, the detox patch helps along with its combination of Chinese herbs that literally draw the harmful toxins out of your body.

The patches or sachets, look like big teabags and are filled with a mixture of herbs. You apply them to the soles of your feet and secure them with an easy-to-remove tape. Then you simply go to sleep in the foot patches work during the night to draw the toxins out of your body leaving you feeling healthy and refreshed when you wake up. Not only will they draw out toxins, but also they’ll help the lymphatic system do its job and also help to remove excess water from your system.

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While some people may say that the foot detox pad really doesn’t do anything for them, other have found that using the patches give them a good night's sleep and make their feet feel great! If that’s the very least that these foot detox patches do so be it. They’re inexpensive enough and a good night's sleep is worth more than the cost of the patches, and if you get the added benefit of having some toxins removed from your body, then all the better!

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