This Ingredient Can Relieve Your Muscle Pain and Burns in a few Minutes

Did you know that you can use mustard for other purposes than in the kitchen? For instance that it can calm the muscular inflammation and burns? Benefits: All you have to do is apply a thick layer of mustard on the affected area and you will soon feel no more pain.

It cures colds or throat pain

Combine some mustard with the juice squeezed from ½  lemon, 1 tbsp of salt, ½ cup of boiling water and 1 tbsp of honey. Let the composition cool down, take a sip and gargle for several moments, then swallow the remedy.

This Ingredient Can Relieve Your Muscle Pain and Burns in a few Minutes

It reduces the muscular inflammation after the gym

Prepare a relaxing bath by adding in the water 2 tbsp of mustard and 1 tbsp of sea salt. Rest in this bath for about 20 minutes then take a shower in order to remove the mustard smell.

It reduces the pain in your feet

In a large bowl, add some warm water and 1 tbsp of mustard. Soak your feet in this remedy and sit until the pain has gone.

It reduces back pain

Combine 1 part ground mustard seeds with two parts mustard flour and some water so that you get a smooth paste. Apply this natural remedy on a towel that you will eventually place on your back, let the remedy action for about half an hour then rinse thoroughly.

It treats the sore throat

Prepare a mixture with these ingredients: mustard, the juice squeezed from ½ a lemon, 1 tbsp od honey, 1 tbsp of salt and ½ cup of hot water. Once mixed, let the mixture rest for 10 minutes, take a small quantity in your mouth and gargle. For better results, add 1 tbsp of mouthwash to this mixture.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચવા માટે અહીં ક્લિક કરો

After several gargles your throat will be like new and you will be able to support your favorite team during their next match.

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